CDS 2 Scholarship 2018 :

The following Scholarships are tenable at the Indian Military Academy :

  • Parshuram Bhau Patwardan Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to cadets from Maharashtra and Karnataka. The value of one scholarship is upto a maximum of 500.00 per annum for the duration of a cadet’s stay at the Indian Military Academy subject to the cadet’s making satisfactory progress. The cadets who are granted this scholarship will not be entitled to any other financial assistance from the Government.

  • Colonel Kendal Frank Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is of the value of 360.00 per annum and is awarded to an eligible Maratha cadet who should be a son of ex-serviceman. The Scholarship is in addition to any financial assistance from the Government.


The Gentlemen/Lady Cadets of IMA/OTA when in receipt of stipend are insured for 75 lac w.e.f. 01 October, 2016. Those who get medically boarded out of the Academy on account of disability, the disability cover provided for 100 per cent disability will be 25 lac which is proportionately reduced upto 5 lac for 20 per cent disability. However, on less than 20 per cent, disability, no disability benefit is eligible but an Ex-Gratia grant of 50,000/- will be paid.

Disability due to alcoholism, drug addiction and due to diseases of pre-enrolment origin will not qualify for disability benefit and Ex-Gratia Grant. In addition, Gentlemen/Lady Cadets withdrawn on disciplinary grounds or as undesirable or voluntarily leaves the Academy will also not be eligible for disability benefits and Ex-Gratia Grant.

Subscription at the rate of 5,000/- will have to be paid in advance on monthly basis by the Gentleman/Lady Cadets who are in receipt of stipend and will become members of the main Army Group Insurance Scheme as applicable to Regular Army Officers.

Conditions governing Financial Assistance :

(i) While the cost of training including accommodations, books, uniforms, boarding and medical treatment will be borne by Government, candidates will be expected to meet their pocket expenses themselves. The minimum expenses at the Air Force Academy are not likely to exceed 14,000/- (under revision) per mensem. If a cadet’s parent or guardian is unable to meet wholly/partly even this expenditure, 44 financial assistance may be granted by the Government. No cadet whose parent or guardian has an income of 750/- or above per month would be eligible for the grant of the financial assistance. The immovable property and other assets and income from all sources are also taken into account for determining the eligibility for financial assistance. The parent/guardian of a candidate desirous of having any financial assistance, should immediately, after his son/ward has been finally selected for training at the Air Force Academy, submit an application through the District Magistrate of his district who will, with his recommendations, forward the application to the Commandant, Pre Flying Training Courses, Begumpet.

(ii) Candidates finally selected for training at the Air Force Academy will be required to deposit the following amount (under revision) with the Commandant on arrival:—

(a) Pocket allowance for six months Rs.840/- @ 140/- per month

(b) For item of clothing and equipment 1,500/- Total 2,340/- Out of the amount mentioned above the following amount is refundable to the cadets in the event of financial assistance being sanctioned. Pocket allowance for the six months @ 140/- per month— 840/-